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Change Log History Management

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Go deep into database changes with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Change Log History Management

Often, it\'s not enough to simply know that a database has been changed or what the change was. An add-on to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the Change Log History Management™ extension tracks the changes users make to the database, giving your administrators the knowledge they need to maintain database performance.

With Change Log History Management™ from American Unit You Will:

  • Less data redundancy, execution time and maintenance compared to standard change log functionality
  • Robust archiving of change log history with restore functionality

For a complete list of features, download our Change Log History Management™ Sales Sheet.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Change Log History Management™ provides the ability to archive successive versions of the change log history. The archives can be restored by simply undoing the change log archive. With Change History Log Management, your system administrators will be able to delve deep into past change histories to help troubleshoot errors, find necessary data or track down which user was responsible for a given change.

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