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Material-Requirements Planning

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Using Dated & Insufficient Planning Tools?

Manufacturers are under pressure to reduce costs, increase profitability and remain competitive in the global economy. Is your manufacturing business ready to handle shorter timelines, complex production planning and lower inventory levels?

Economic uncertainty and compliance regulations change your manufacturing processes. Lacking the appropriate software can mean enormous amounts of time spent planning and problem solving. With a Material Requirement Planning (MRP) System from American Unit, you can ensure your solution is as nimble as the ever-changing manufacturing environment.

Maintain the Lowest Possible Level of Inventory

An MRP System from American Unit ensures that material components are available for production while maintaining the lowest possible level of inventory. American Unit helps you manage critical activities, including: billing of materials, elementary scheduling, order entry, inventory control, materials purchasing and much more.

Avoid being stuck with insufficient materials or incorrect items, leaving you with incomplete orders. Our MRP System aligns your orders with the types and quantities of materials needed to meet current and future demand, at the lowest cost possible.

Foresee the Future, Predict Demand

American Unit helps you foresee the future with:

  • Defined Forecasting - predict demand based on forecasting metrics that look beyond order history and orders received.
  • Planning Scenarios - make better decisions considering stock levels, work orders, sales orders, sales forecasting and existing inventory in net requirement calculations.
  • Automated Order Reporting - automate the creation of product orders and purchase orders for both in-house and outsourced projects.

Rethink MRP System Software

At American Unit, our MRP System is designed to meet all your manufacturing objectives. It manages your production process from order entry to delivery. Our MRP solution manages your production process from the start - order entry, to the finish - delivery to the customer.

Your goals of minimizing time wasted and controlling your budgets are simple tasks with American Unit. Managing all your manufacturing activities, including on-time delivery schedules, is simple, integrated and intuitive.

An American Unit MRP System provides endless benefits, including:

  • Balancing customer requirements against production costs and inventory.
  • Creating goals based on materials and capacity constraints.
  • Fostering Just-in-Time relationships suppliers and vendors.
  • Auditing trail accuracy yielding significant quality control.
  • Online access to all vital production information.

Feed Your Production Pipeline

American Unit helps you manage and feed your production pipeline by providing powerful tools that compare your material needs with your available inventory and work in process.

Our MRP System works fluidly with your business, allowing you to adjust your materials as conditions develop in real-time. Level-by-level planning gives you an expansive planning horizon, while excluding expired inventory, scrap or yield.

At American Unit, we offer a hybrid delivery model that combines powerful expertise with an in-house team of skilled technical resources, providing you with high-value solutions at a cost our competitors cannot match.

American Unit has been honored time and again for our leadership in the IT industry by such distinguished organizations as Deloitte and Inc. Magazine. We provide our services across the United States from offices in California, Illinois, New Jersey and Texas.

Isn't it time to rethink your options and work with a company who knows your challenges and specializes in MRP System solutions?