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California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS)

The CMAS contracts are awarded and administered by the state of California, Department of General Services, Procurement Division. A multiple award is an award to two or more contractors for the same products and/or services at the same or similar prices. Suppliers can offer products, services, and prices from their own Federal GSA schedule. They can also offer products, services, and prices from a Federal GSA schedule held by another company.

American Unit was awarded California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) for four years’ term contract to provide Information Technology Services to the State and Local Agencies.
Contract :
Title :
Information Technology Goods and Services
Contract Term :
11/30/2018 through 7/11/2022

80101507 MGMT Business Prof & Admin Services - Business corporate MGMT consult srvcs - Information technology consult srvcs
81111808 Computer services - System & system component admin srvcs - System analysis srvcs
81112103 Computer services - Internet services - World wide web WWW site design services

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